Move-Out Notice

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Date of planned Move-Out:
Date of planned Move-Out:
  • In order to provide you with low prices and give you the maximal possible flexibility we need at least 30 days of notice of your move-out date. So unless you have a fixed move-out date you are always assumed to stay for at least the next 30 days.

  • You are responsible to pay rent for at least the next 30 days from today (midnight Central Time). For example: If your notice is submitted on September 5th 11:59pm, you are responsible to pay rent until your move-out date October 5th 11am; Other example: March 6th 11:59pm -> April 5th 11am; etc.)

  • Rents are paid at the first of the months and will be prorated if you give notice on time.

  • Move-out needs to be submit at the form below. Only notices submitted using this form will be accepted.

  • Move-out procedure:

    • Move-out time is 11am on the move out day.

    • Clean up the room as good as possible.

    • Put the trash into the dumpster or trash bins on the street.

    • Leave key on your desk